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BMX Tracks Australia was founded by Tristyn Kronk in 2017, with a background of almost 2 decades in the sport, including at the Elite level. This results in a wealth of exposure and experience from all around the world including multiple World Championships.


Together with a team of track builders who also bring extended experience, BMX Tracks Australia is able to offer a large scope of works including, consultancy, design, track construction, building construction, concerting, asphalting and track surfacing. 

BMX Tracks Australia provides a one-stop shop for solutions ranging from minor track changes to complete new facilities. 





"I had the pleasure of riding and racing the newly constructed Harbour City BMX track for its opening event after being reconstructed by BMX Tracks Australia. 


Tristyn did a fantastic job of building a balanced race track that was challenging for all ages and levels, but wasn’t over the top difficult. The hardest thing when designing a track is finding the balance to make sure it is enjoyable to ride for all ages and proficiencies from 5 years old up to the professional level. The newly constructed Harbour City BMX did just that. 

The track was great in the dry and it was put to the test when it rained at its opening race. The track stood up to the test and the event was able to be completed without a hitch. 

I would happily recommend BMX Tracks Australia."


Connor Fields

Olympic Gold Medalist 2016/ @connorfields11


BMX Tracks Australia’s diverse team combines decades of riding, earthmoving and industry experience. Our wealth of industry experience with continuous development of our products and procedures resulting in world class facilities.


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